Heart Renaissance with Hema Vyas
Heart Renaissance with Hema Vyas
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Welcome to Heart Renaissance with Hema Vyas

Your Heart Knows The Way | Welcome to Hema's community | To the wisdom and power of your heart

Heart Alchemy Philosophy & Practices

Hema’s philosophy, rooted in almost thirty years experience as a psychologist, spiritual mentor, retreat leader and motivational speaker, is about connecting to heart energy in order to align and experience effortless flow in your life. Her wisdom provides a deeper resilience than mindset alone. 

Hema believes that our experiences in the outer world are guided by our inner world and that cycles of life are driven by an energetic frequency emitted from the heart. When the heart radiates sincere love, we find out what we truly want and need, beyond our conditioning and superficial thinking. Hema speaks about a transformation from the inside out as a process of Heart Alchemy. Negative thoughts and experiences, the emotional debris held in the heart, can be alchemised or metabolised into something either neutral or positive; bringing you the potential to enrich your journey in this world and reach your State of Gold.


State Of Gold

Join Hema to discover the ancient tools and practices that will allow you to clear the blocks which prevent the flow of heart energy. When connected to your honest self, it’s easier to have an unshakeable trust, and to understand how all the different aspects of your life and feelings fit together energetically. From this place, you see more clearly your purpose and how to relate to the universal energy that informs all life. Being able to know when to receive and when to give, and being prosperous in all aspects of your life are the gifts that Hema seeks to give through her wisdom and practices. Hema provides a passport to eternal truths.


It's time for a Heart Renaissance

Hema describes the process that happens when you truly connect with your heart space as being a renaissance of pure unconditional love. This is because she gives you the tools to reawaken, realign, refresh and revive. The heart is so much more than a vital organ, it is an intelligent energy field of its own, a portal to higher consciousness. 

In Hema’s community, you can connect with like-minded and open-hearted people who value truth, humanity, our earth and the belief that it is our collective birthright to live a life of prosperity.  She brings a unique perspective to definitions of love, beauty and consciousness and makes it easy to connect with these heart qualities.

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